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How Can You Prevent Carpets From Wearing So Quickly?

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Often, insufficient thought is given to carpet beyond routine vacuuming and spot cleaning, both tasks play a fundamental part of maintenance but more specialised equipment and knowledge is required in order to clean and maintain carpets more thoroughly.

Accumulated soil and grit are the main causes of reduced fabric life – dust, dirt and sand particles collect deep into the base of the carpet pile, surface friction is produced by daily foot traffic which in time erodes the carpet fibre, the fibres become brittle and snap off! Accelerated deterioration of this type can simply be avoided by implementing a regular carpet cleaning programme.

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A vast majority of carpets and soft furnishings are replaced as a direct consequence of improper or insufficient cleaning. When you consider the replacement costs it’s obvious that by comparison, the cost of regular cleaning is minimal - it’s an investment for the future.

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