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Where does carpet soil come from?

  • 90% of dirt is tracked in and around via foot traffic.
  • 85% is dry dirt, 15% is sticky dirt
  • Dirt accumulates in track-off, funnel, main traffic areas, spill-prone locations – even if you can’t see it.
  • Soft flooring hides most of the dry dirt. Don’t be fooled. Keep the soil from spreading! 


How to keep carpet soil controlled 

  • Keep sidewalks blown clean and periodically scrubbed.
  • Use track-of inserts or runners at all outside entrances.
  • E-Vac track-off inserts or runners daily.
  • E-Vac track-off main traffic areas 2 to 3 times per week weather soil is visible or not (the secret) to keep soil from accumulating and spreading.
  • Remove spots daily and during E-Vac’ing.
  • HOST clean track-off, funnel and main traffic areas as needed. 


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