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Host trademark, nationally recognised brand ‘worldwide’

When you invest in a Host cleaning system from Timberstone you will be given the opportunity to use the Host logo on company vehicles, staff uniforms, business cards and your website. One of the key advantages and top selling points of the Host dry cleaning system is its nationally recognised brand. The brand that Host has built its reputation on over many years and a brand that offers value in the eyes of customers you are trying to attract!

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a lucrative new business opportunity?

Are you ready to experience the power of the Host dry cleaning system?

You could soon be offering an outstanding cleaning service for carpets, upholstery and hard floors to all kinds of businesses in your area – schools, shops, hotels, offices and homeowners.

All you need is the Host cleaning system. Host is so easy to use and even easier to sell! Just imagine how many businesses and homes in your area want clean carpets without the hassle of drying time. You could be the one to deliver it!

Save money when you buy your Host cleaning equipment from Timberstone! As an authorised distributor we can offer you the best deals on the whole Host range. Every Host cleaning system comes with free training and unlimited technical support.

Are you looking for a new career path?

Are you thinking about starting a new business?

Striving for new goals is a motivating way to get yourself out of the current economic climate. For many people, these goals include the desire to start their own business and being your own boss. With a number of options available, we can put together a system suitable for most budgets and levels of investment.

Deep cleaning of carpets, hard floors and soft furnishings is a profitable and rewarding profession, for a relatively small investment you could be the owner of your own cleaning business.

  • Recognise your business potential.
  • Change the way you work, work smarter, not harder!
  • Why make money for others – when you can make money for yourself.

Are you looking to expand an existing business?

Do you need quality equipment for your cleaning company?

With the Host carpet and upholstery cleaning system, you can offer your customers clean dry carpets and fabrics faster than ever before!

You don’t need to waste time filling buckets and emptying water tanks, so you can clean more carpets per hour. Nor do you need to warn your customers not to use their carpets while they dry out.

Host is a completely dry cleaning system. Carpets can be used immediately after cleaning leaving a safe environment for children and pets.

Your customers already enjoy the benefits of the services you provide which makes selling Host even easier. By utilising your existing customer database you will soon be enjoying the financial benefits and the job satisfaction that Host can bring.

Low risk business investment in a fast expanding market

Environment friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning is a highly profitable and fast expanding market that demands the right equipment for the job, and the Host cleaning system has specifically designed to meet these needs!

If you are looking for job satisfaction with high earning potential and low risk investment click here see what our customers have to say and find out how Host Contractors countrywide are enjoying the benefits of Host.

Free training and marketing pack

Host Training and Certification

Unique to Timberstone, we provide free training and unlimited technical support. At our training facility you learn all you need to know about cleaning carpets and upholstery professionally and profitable. We will also provide you with all the necessary skills to help you with pricing, estimating, PR and marketing, promotional literature and flyers. 

Host is unique

There is no comparison to Host, just other options, like wet cleaning systems such as hot water extraction and dry foam shampoo. These old fashion methods of cleaning often leave carpets and upholstery in very poor condition, leaving sticky wet residues and stains often come back. Host has been is developed to prolong the active life of carpet and upholstery and eliminate the fundamental issues with all other cleaning methods on the market.

Host USP ‘unique selling points’

  • Green Seal certified, fully bio-degradable and safe for the environment
  • WoolSafe approved and recommended by leading carpet manufacturers worldwide
  • Improves indoor air quality and offers welcome relief to asthma and allergen sufferers
  • Carpets, upholstery and hard floors, deep clean and dry in minutes – not hours
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Ready to test-drive the latest equipment and technology on the market: To find out more about Host why not come and visit us at our showrooms in Kent. You will have an opportunity to learn how we can help you to become a successful Host cleaning contractor. Our showroom is open six days per week Monday to Saturday, bookings by appointment only. We are approximately 20 minutes from the M2 motorway and only 2 minutes from Westgate-on-Sea main line railway station.

Ready to enjoy the power of Host?

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