Red Label Upholstery Cleaner

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Host Von Schrader Red Label Upholstery Cleaner

Liquid Detergent Concentrate ~ Red Label Anti-Resoil Detergent – WoolSafe Approved

Size: US Gall

High pH detergent formulated for use in Host Aridex and Esprit Von Schrader low moisture upholstery cleaning machines. Red label detergent cleaner is ideal for restoring heavily soiled upholstery and removing stubborn stains. Contains anti-resoil characteristics and is safe for use on stain resist fabrics, synthetic fibres, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene. Works well on commercial seating areas and blended to perform well in soft or hard water.

1 gallon of concentrate makes enough solution to clean approximately 320 square meters of upholstery.

1 gallon of concentrate red label detergent will clean approximately 640 office chairs.

Supplied as a concentrate – dilution ratio subject to the degree of soiling. pH 8 – 9 when diluted.

Dilution rates 1 litre of water (1000 ml) mixed with 30ml to 50ml of blue label subject to the degree of soling. We recommend you start off with 30 ml per litre – works well with light to medium soiling.

The following chart can also be used as a guide.

Water Light Soiling   Medium Soiling Heavy Soiling
1000ml 30ml Red label 40ml Red label 50ml  Red label
2000ml 60ml 80ml 100ml
3000ml 90ml 120ml 150ml

Warning Do not increase the detergent dilution rates specified, highly concentrated mixtures of detergent solution may result in an adverse effect during cleaning and cause the fabric to stiffen and distort.

Test Before Cleaning Remember all detergents must be mixed thoroughly and always carry out a colour fast test before cleaning.

Further information can be found in the Aridex instruction manual.

When to Use: When cleaning all synthetic (man-made) fibres nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and stain resistant.

Why to Use: Anti resoil Red Label is safe for all synthetic and stain resistant fabrics, gives superior coverage and has greater cleaning characteristics. With appropriate colour tests Red label high pH detergent can be safely used. pH 8 – 9 when diluted.