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LTT Ultra Leather Protect


Why this is used: LTT Ultra Leather Protect is said to be the most effective Leather Protector available on the market. It’s recommended for use on all leathers particularly those that absorb moisture and pale colours that are prone to dye transfer. An essential product to help maintain a proper moisture balance in your leather. It helps to resist the effects of daily soiling and body oils. It’s recommended that Ultra Leather Protect should always be applied to new furniture before use. Suitable for all leather types BUT NOT Nubuck.

Ultra Leather Protect

  • Maintains the moisture level in the leather
  • Acts as a protective barrier which assists in the removal of every day soiling
  • Helps to resist dye transfer and make its removal more likely
  • Effective at replacing wax/oil pull-up effect and reducing surface scratching
  • Will enhance colours in all aniline and pull-up style leathers but is not a permanent substitute for Aniline Restoration
  • Will assist with UV protection

How to Use:Using a trigger spray applicator spray lightly over an area and wipe in gently with a cloth ensuring that no area is missed. Don’t rub in unless treating scratching on pull-up leather. Treat entire piece of furniture. In a warm environment there will be no need to dry and the furniture can be used as soon as it has dried. Ultra Leather Protect reaches its maximum strength after 24 hours.

Excessive coating should be avoided. If the leather is very sensitive or dry (indicated by very fast absorption or darkening) treat once and allow to dry then apply a second coat. It’s recommended that Ultra Leather Protect should be applied between 4 and 6 times per year particularly on high wear areas

500 ml – £20.00
1 litre – £35.00
5 litre – £140.00


Leather is processed skin or hide that has been put through a tanning process. This process turns it into a non perishable material which can be legally called leather. Almost all upholstery leather is chrome tanned which involves rotating the skin or hide in a drum containing a bath or chrome liquor. The result is called “Wet Blue” leather which then requires significant further processing before it can be used in Upholstery.

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