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Anti Resoil Hi pH Red Label Carpet Detergent

Von Schrader Anti Resoil Hi pH Red Label Carpet Detergent concentrate formulated for professional Low Moisture Soil Extraction cleaning of all synthetic (man-made) fibre carpets. Blended to perform in Von Schrader Low Moisture Soil Extraction cleaning equipment, even with fairly hard water. Anti-resoil characteristics are built into this carpet detergent. Safe for use on stain resist carpet.
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When to Use: When cleaning all synthetic (man-made) fibre carpets; nylon, acrylic, polypropylene and stain resist.

Why to Use: It is safe for all synthetic and stain resist carpet fibres. When comparing Von Schrader Detergent with others, be sure to work your cost out to price per gallon of prepared solution. High pH Carpet Detergent can be diluted up to give up to 113 litres of solution giving superior coverage. Use Notes : Test for colourfastness before use and remember detergents mix better and activate more in hot water.

Physical Data: Dilution Ratio: 20:1 to 30:1 (20 to 30 ml of concentrate per 1 litre of water dependant on soiling level) One gallon liquid detergent concentrate will produce enough solution to clean approximately 3,200 sq. ft. of carpet or equivalent upholstery area. pH Factors: 9.1 (in concentrate form) 8.9 to 9.1 (in dilute solution)

Description C120 Carton, 1 x 3.79 litre (1 gallon (US) container) C163 Carton, 4 x 3.79 litre (1 gallon(US) container)

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