Green cleaning with Host

Host, for a greener, cleaner and healthier environment

Host is the pioneer and leading international brand for innovation in environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy saving solutions for carpet and upholstery cleaning technology.

Host Leaflet

Environmental benefits

  • Host is Green Seal certified
  • Host is WoolSafe approved
  • Host is USDA certified 100% Bio-Preferred product
  • Host is made from natural ingredients which are fully biodegradable

Controlled moisture and energy

  • Host uses less than a teaspoon of water per square meter to clean a carpet
  • Host uses 97% less water than a typical wet carpet cleaning system
  • Host uses 93% less moisture than typical wet upholstery cleaning system
  • Central heating systems do not have to be used to dry the carpet

Host eliminates risk

  • No down time, no wet carpets and no shutdown periods
  • No harmful chemicals or unpleasant smelly solvents
  • Never any shrinkage and no colour loss
  • No rapid resoiling typically caused by unsafe sticky wet cleaning detergents left in carpets