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University of Surrey, Guildford

Reducing cleaning and maintenance costs always seems to be the first place we look. However, rather than cutting back we researched alternative methods of cleaning and changed the way we work. Since purchasing the host Liberator from Timberstone our carpet cleaning costs have almost halved, with immediate savings on labour cost and materials and a massive reduction in the use of our water supply. The host upholstery-cleaning system has also contributed towards our savings strategy. Upholstery cleaning using our old wet system has always presented a problem with drying time, and in areas of constant use the upholstery is often neglected and the furniture eventually has to be replaced. Because the host upholstery-cleaning machine works on low moisture technology drying time becomes minimal, so we can regularly clean furniture in all the high usage areas too. The free training programme and technical support provided by Timberstone has been exceptional. Mr R. Ashbee, Director of Facilities

Peverel Management Group, Halesowen, West Midlands

We are so pleased with the host dry cleaning system and the results are excellent. Our Development Managers and residents like the concept that carpets can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning. We have also received many positive comments about the fresh and pleasant fragrance of host, and the value for money the host system provides.  Steve Coffill, Regional Manager

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, Princess Marina House, Littlehampton

I have worked in the care industry for many years and had heard of the host sponge system although had never used it. Working in a respite care home it is important to be able to turn a room around quickly and safely. We have three changeover days where respite guest leave at 10am and we have new arrivals at 2pm. By having the dry system we lose no precious hours of accommodation. In the past, we had always used shampoos and steam cleaners, which meant a room was out of action for a day. We are very impressed with how the host system works and would highly recommend that others switch from steam cleaning or shampoo to the dry cleaning process in a care home setting. The smell is delightful and the result is excellent. All the staff have had the opportunity of training from the rep and find it very easy to use. The fact that it is a Green product and environmentally friendly is an additional plus. It means that we always maintain our very high standards and helps to provide the environment we wish our respite guest to experience.  Catherine Argent, Facilities Manager

Shepherd Neame, Bell Hotel, Kent

With limited time to clean our restaurant chairs and main stairwell carpet, wet cleaning has never been a good option. Host, by comparison to wet cleaning not only leaves our carpets perfectly clean and dry, host offers better value for money and the work is carried out in less than half the time. Carpets and upholstery left perfectly clean and dry, and ready for immediate use, very impressed. Matt Collins, General Manager

Marriott Hotel Group

We have tried all sorts of carpet cleaning machines, hot water extraction and steam being the main ones. They worked ok but the downside was the machines are very heavy and the system took ages to setup, carpets took too long to dry and the chemicals often left an unpleasant smell in the room. In the Hotel industry, we have limited turn-a-round time for each room so it’s important to have a system that’s easy to setup, simple to use, fast and effective, and most importantly fragrant and dry. The Host system is ideal and my staff find it so easy to use. The fragrance Host use in their product is delightful and the standard of cleaning is amazing. Liz Rajis, Executive Head Housekeeper, Maida Vale, London

Olivers Mill, London

Using the Host carpet cleaning system has enabled our company to respond quickly and effectively to our client’s demands, because of its unique instant dry system we can carry out cleaning requests during normal working hours and not cause disruption to our client’s day to day business operations. Our clients often comment on Host’s excellent cleaning results, stating their carpets look and feel almost new. Host is environmentally friendly, and is extremely appealing in today’s Green culture. Our clients want a system that can work safely, quickly, and can still produce excellent cleaning results. Host is a great system, environmentally friendly, safe and produces excellent cleaning results, which we highly recommend. Lloyd Austin

Sally Ferries Viking Line. Dunkirk, France

A small team of professional cleaners used the host system onboard the MS Viking to clean 484 dining chairs and 2467 square meters of carpet all in one night. The following morning 782 passengers boarded the ship to the fresh smelling fragrance of host. A tall order for any company, not only did we expect a high standard of cleaning, the carpets and upholstery had to be dry. Timberstone Carpet Maintenance exceeded our expectations! Carpets on a cruise ship take a lot of foot traffic and receive a monumental amount of spillages and abuse, no other cleaning system has achieved the same results as host. Chief Purser, Claes Johansson, MS Viking

New business start-ups are pleased they invested in Host

Top Grade Cleaning, Maidstone. Kent

Hi Colin, just thought you might be pleased to know, everything is going well with our new host Freestyle and Aridex. All customers are satisfied and over the moon with the results. My best day a couple of weeks ago was when I made £390 in a day; I am so pleased with investment I made on these machines. I had my biggest test today with a very light carpet, it needed a lot of work but turned out amazing, which exceeded my customer’s expectations too. John Garber

Natural Home Clean, Aylesbury.

Bucks After being made redundant from the Construction Industry I was looking for something to generate an income. I ran in to the Host Freestyle machine by accident a year ago, and I was so impressed with it, that we decided to start Natural Home Clean. Of course starting a new business is never easy; it was a hard push off the ground, balancing high levels of customer service with all the other tasks. However, Host is not only a great system, but the staff at Timberstone have been incredibly helpful with all aspects of learning how to use it to its fullest advantage, and how to tackle all the spills people get on their carpets. For a first year business to achieve survival in the current financial climate is a testament to the way the Host system not only cleans beautifully and leaves carpets smelling fresh, it’s the eco friendly aspect too. Our clients love the fact their home and busy spaces are immediately ready for use again and recommended us onto their friends and business colleges too. I have been very pleased with Host and would recommend the system to anyone, Debi King

Eco Clean Carpets, Cumbria

The best evidence of how good the host cleaning system is comes from my customers, not only are they delighted with the quality of my work but they can also walk on their carpets straight away. The environmental element of host is probably the main reason why so many new customers call. Host has helped me to open many new doors and in areas that I would have never imagined. Host has proved to be an excellent investment and great value for money too. Peter Burns

Brightday Cleaning Services, Ashford

We purchased the Host carpet cleaning system for three reasons. Firstly, for the reliability of the machine itself – we really did do our homework and the Host machine came out on top every time. We also wanted to offer our customers something different. Even to this day, when we mention that we dry clean carpets they are still amazed at that statement. The next part of our research was the time factor – setting up to do the job. By the time some wet carpet cleaners are setting up their hoses and mixing chemicals, we have already started cleaning carpets! This saves us time and therefore money. Once we have finished we ask our customers to try the ‘sock test’ they are always surprised how dry the carpets really are and the fantastic results that we achieve, apart from the fact they do not have to blast the central heating for hours on end or ban the kids from the rooms. Comments such as; what a lovely smell and “wow my carpets look like new” are common responses, our customers are also made fully aware of the environmental benefits of Host, a major plus for protecting the environment and not causing irritation to the family, children or pets. I might add that the support and assistance from our Host distributor Timberstone has been is first class. Dean Stewart, MD

Dry and Clean, Middlesex

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support over the last 4 years, I still cannot believe the way the host dry extraction system as changed the way I work, it truly is changing the way people feel about carpet cleaning. All my customers are telling me they are now going to get there carpets and upholstery cleaned on a more regular bases because there is no drying time, no disgusting smells and no condensation to worry about, and the best bit of all is the furniture can be put back immediately. The aridex upholstery and the host dry extraction systems are amazing! Steven Lawrence

Cleaning Innovation

I was about to invest £10,000 with a cleaning franchise company who use the host cleaning system within their service portfolio. During my research, I also looked at three other franchise setups, they too were offering a unique dry carpet cleaning system, and all extortionately priced. When I made my enquiries, it was clear to see it was Host! I did some more research on the internet and contacted Timberstone “Host Distributor” who advised me that investing in a cleaning franchise was a bad idea! Timberstone provided me lots of free training and friendly advice; I also joined their Host Contractor Scheme, which provided me with a number of great sales leads and I didn’t have to pay a commission fee. The added benefit of dealing direct with Timberstone was the opportunity to use the Host logo and brand name on my van and advertising which automatically linked my business to a well-known international brand. By setting up my own cleaning business I have saved over £6,000 and thanks to Timberstone, we are doing rather well. Timberstone said they could provide all the benefits of a franchise company without the franchise cost, and they did. I don’t see the point of spending £10,000 or more on a cleaning franchise when they have nothing unique to offer! Claire Mocket

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Established cleaning companies have invested in Host

Advance Cleaning Services Ltd

We added the host carpet and Aridex cleaning systems to our services earlier this year. It’s been a huge add on for us and we have even converted a few dry clean sceptics to the power of Host. Customers are amazed that the carpets are dry immediately and they haven’t had gallons of dirty water tipped down their drains. We are very pleased to be so confident in the process so it would be unfair not to mention the friendly support we receive from Timberstone whenever we are unsure of how to proceed, we can get all the advice and help we need on the end of a phone. We are very happy to recommend the Host system to anyone thinking of adding or starting a carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Thanks Timberstone for your help and support this year it’s made a huge difference to our company. Richard Carter, MD

KM Cleaning Services

We found the Host system very easy to use because of the extensive training we received from Timberstone. At our customers premises Sony HQ in Central London the system has proved to be entirely revolutionary by comparison to wet carpet cleaning, which is far more inconvenient to use. We found that carpets look incredibly clean and smell so fresh once we have cleaned them with Host, and as we are using a dry system, we are able to place furniture back immediately and have all the office areas ready as a working environment in less than one hour. We would recommend using Host as a carpet cleaning system to all of our clients. M Quinnell, Operations Manager

Brighton Commercial, Sussex

I never realised that host had been around since before the 1980s. I only wish we had of come across Host 30 years ago. Host is one of the best business investments we have ever made. No carpet shrinkage, no wet carpets and no more unhappy customers, and with the added benefit of being allowed to use the Host name on our advertising and website our workload has increased by over 30%. Barry Henry, MD

Canterbury Carpet Cleaners, Kent

We converted to Host about 5 years ago because our customers kept asking us if we did dry carpet and upholstery cleaning. We only had a Hot Water Extraction System at the time and we had to turn away a lot of business. We use the Host logo and brand name on our vans, advertising and website, which has helped increase our turnover and improved our reputation of being a local company that has responsible attitude towards caring for the environment. Paula Reynolds

Home Counties Cleaning Services, Berkshire
We were using a bonnet carpet cleaning system and dry foam shampoo on a number of large office buildings in London, the carpets looked great when cleaned, but after a period of time the carpets in the in the walkways and corridors started to develop grey streaks and brown marks, we couldn’t work out what had gone wrong. We contacted Timberstone and they resolved the problem literally overnight, the Host carpet-cleaning machine removed all the marks caused by our wet carpet cleaning system and the host machine lifted the carpet pile too, our customer was very impressed! Tony Richardson

Maida Vale Carpet & Upholstery Restoration

I have been cleaning carpets and upholstery for over 20 years and have always used a wet system. However, due to customer demand I felt obliged to offer a dry and environmental twist to my business, so I contacted Host, they ticked all the right boxes. I was a bit sceptical at first as I was not keen on the idea of cleaning carpets and upholstery without using water! Wow what a difference host has made to my business, host is so much better than my old wet carpet and upholstery cleaning machine, so easy to use, no more buckets of water, no mixing chemicals and no trailing hoses or heavy equipment. Marco Salvatori

Brett Cleaning and Restoration, Essex

Very pleased with the advice and support given by Timberstone. The purchase of the Freestyle and Aridex machines has made it possible to quote for contracts I formerly would have passed on; especially those water sensitive carpets; sisal and seagrass. I have no hesitation in recommending Host and Timberstone distributors. Stephen Brett

MCS Surrey

Traditionally we have always wet cleaned carpets and upholstery using Hot Water Extraction. However, due to continuing media pressure and customers requests we decided to invest in an environmentally friendly dry cleaning system. Since taking the plunge and investing in host our old wet carpet cleaning machine has been made redundant and now collecting dust in our stores. Host is truly amazing, excellent results, dry carpets and upholstery and many happy customers too. Jean Connelly

Amongst 1000’s of happy residential customers, this is what just a few have to say!

Our Grandchildren made our hall and stair carpet so filthy but now they look and feel like new. Your carpet cleaner has done an amazing job. As the carpets were dry cleaned we were able to walk on, and use them straight away, and it’s a huge comfort to know that no dangerous solvents were used and the whole process is environmentally friendly. James & Molly Paterson, Canterbury, Kent

Considering we have a large dog in our home, we never thought you could make our carpets and rug look so good with your dry cleaning system, but you did! Your host machine is truly amazing, and we felt great about doing something good for the environment too.Mr & Mrs Jones, Taunton

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about having our carpets dry-cleaned, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The best part was the children coming home to such a safe and healthy environment. Being reassured that no nasty chemicals would be used was the main reason that I agreed to have my carpets cleaned with host. Thank you so much! After this experience, I will never have my carpets wet cleaned again. Mrs Hunter, Penrith

As a chronic asthmatic, the improvement in my breathing was noticeable as the work was in progress for sufferers like me I would recommend that host carpet cleaning should be used in all care homes, it was truly reassuring to see how much dust, dirt and hair was being removed from the carpet.Mr Peters, Maidenhead

How wonderful it was to have a completely dry and very effective cleaning system used on our carpets and upholstery. It was also very important to us the cleaning was pet friendly, and we will definitely have our home cleaned again with host. Mr & Mrs Barnes, Brighton

My carpets and rugs look, smell and feel so much better than I ever imagined. Your team spent a lot of time and effort removing a variety of dirt and stains. The dry cleaning system is so much easier than wet cleaning. Furniture can go back immediately and it’s not as disruptive as wet cleaning. You really believe in the product, and it shows. You did an excellent job with a very professional service. I will use host again and recommend it to my friends and family. Jenny Dixon, Cheshire

Thank you so much for the outstanding service, our sofa has never looked so good and we cannot believe it’s the same rug! By comparison to what we have experience in the past, your host cleaner is so much more effective and great value for money too. Paul & Sam Harrington, Birmingham

Thank you for the excellent results on our carpets. A daughter with asthma and a baby boy crawling it is comforting to know the system you use truly cares about the welfare of our environment and the wellbeing of my family. I absolutely trust the healthy cleaning methods you used to clean our carpets in the healthiest and safest manner. The powerful vacuum cleaning system on your host machine was truly remarkable and the host products left such a lovely clean fragrance and fresh feel to the carpets. Penny & Clive McFarland, Poole Dorset.

Host – recommend by leading carpet manufacturers Worldwide…

Letter of reference from Interface Carpets

Interface has been working on maintenance projects with Racine Industries using the Host product. These projects have proven that Host can clean heavily soiled carpet without hot water extraction. The Host system uses the appropriate maintenance procedures for Interface modular floor covering in accordance with the recommended maintenance guidelines established by Interface for our products. Using the Host carpet maintenance process will not void our product warranty. The Host carpet cleaning system and spot cleaning chemicals are also approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute through their Seal of Approval program. Proper care and maintenance of our modular flooring is essential for maximizing the appearance and prolonging the useful life of our products. It is important that our customers recognize the role maintenance plays in the longevity of their carpet and in selecting a qualified maintenance service provider.

Demonstrating Host Product
Brintons Logo

Statement of reference from Brintons Carpets

Brintons have an established understanding and appreciation of the Host carpet cleaning system.

The Host system uses WoolSafe products and is recommended and approved as a suitable system for the care and maintenance of Brinton’s carpets.

We are happy to endorse the system as part of a cleaning and maintenance regime within both Commercial and Residential Carpet installations

Technical Services Manager
Brintons Carpets Limited
Stourport Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 7PZ