Host Cleans Grouted Floor Tiles Too!

You know the Host dry carpet cleaning system is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning carpet anytime without the inconvenience of getting it wet, but did you know that Host can also be used to clean grouted tile floors?

“Look at the amazing results of this grouted tiled floor cleaned with Host”

Cleaning and maintaining grouted flooring can be a major challenge, however, new development in Host cleaning technology has revolutionised the way we work.

Below is a step by step guide as to how you can do this too, along with a few examples of the amazing results you could expect.

Host Cleans Grouted Floor Tiles Too
Red Grout Cleaning Brush

Step 1

Red grout cleaning brushes are placed on the Liberator, Freestyle or Reliant cleaning machine.

Particles On Floor

Step 2

Host sponges are applied which contain a balanced blend of detergents, wetting agents and natural cleaning ingredients that dissolve the dirt and grease.

Using Host Machine To Clean Up Partciles On Floor

Step 3

The Host machine is used in the same way as you would on carpet, brushing north and south, then east and west. Ingrained dirt and grease is dislodged and the Host sponges absorb and wipe away the soil.

Particles Are Removed From the Floor With Host Machine

Step 4

The soil laden particles of Host are vacuumed and removed. The floor is now clean, hygienic and ready for immediate use.