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Handy size 1kg sachet – perfect for spot removal and small area routine cleaning. Ideal for use around the home and for housekeeping departments. Highly recommended for use on Sisal and Seagrass carpets and rugs.

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Ready to use soft organic dry carpet cleaning compound – recommended for use on a wide variety of carpets including wool, sisal, synthetic and natural fibre carpets and rugs. Non-abrasive natural dry carpet cleaning formula, fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Product consists of millions of absorbent particles that act like a natural sponge. Works in much the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge is used to wipe up a spill or clean a worktop or car. eco dry carpet cleaner is used to absorb dirt from your carpet and deodorise as it cleans. Leaving your carpet fresh, fragrant, and dry.

Helps absorb emergency spills such as milk, red wine, and fizzy drinks. One bag will be sufficient to spot clean a large room or approximately 30 square meters of carpet. “Works identical to Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner with a great smelling fragrance too”.

eco dry carpet cleaner can be applied by hand, doesn’t require a machine for small areas, and can simple be hand brushed through the carpet or rug to release ingrained soiling, spots, and spills.

eco dry carpet cleaner

Ready to use organic dry carpet cleaning powder.

Safe to use on a variety of carpets including Sisal and Seagrass

Helps absorb emergency spillages such as milk, red wine and fizzy drinks.

One bag will be sufficient to spot clean approximately 30 square meters of carpet.