Host Sponges Full Fragrance Dry Carpet Cleaner

Introducing our new product line…

Original or full fragrance host dry carpet cleaner now available at the same price.

Host Sponges Dry Carpet Cleaner

Green seal certified and WoolSafe approved organic dry carpet cleaner. Environment friendly product consisting of millions of absorbent particles that act like a natural sponge. This unique product is moistened with 100% plant-based ingredients that dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil. Host Sponges form two primary functions. First, they carry the organic cleaning agent to the fibres of the carpet. Secondly, they loosen and absorb, and hold onto the soil in controlled way for extraction by vacuuming. Host also deodorises as it cleans, leaving carpets fresh, fragrant and clean. Host is non-abrasive, fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Host Prep Traffic Lane Booster

Green seal certified and WoolSafe approved carpet pre-spray – heavy soil shifter specially formulated for use with Host Sponges dry carpet cleaner. Prep is used to remove ingrained dirt and grease from heavily soiled carpet, ideal for pre-spraying walkways, high traffic areas and patches of stubborn dirt. Supplied as concentrate with recommended dilution ratio of 1:4 one bottle of Prep concentrate makes approximately 25 litres of carpet pre-spray.

Product Usage Guide

Quantity of product required to clean an area of carpet much depends on the level of soiling. Naturally a heavily soiled carpet would require more product than a carpet that has relatively low soiling. The usage guide below shows the approximate quantity required in concentrated volume to cover an area of 100 m² of carpet.

ProductLight Soil 
per 100 m²
Medium Soil
per 100 m²
Heavy Soil
>per 100 m²
Restoration Clean
per 100 m²
Host Sponges1kg1.5kg2.5kg3kg
Host Prep Concentrate 137ml274ml411ml548ml